Closing the Loop

Beginning in the fall of 2014, NLS made the commitment to recycle 100% of the green waste material received at our facility in Woodinville. We average about 1,000 yards of green waste per week, and we were paying to have it recycled at a facility in Snohomish. NLS partnered with O2 Compost in Snohomish to review our site, develop a Compost Aeration System and Storm Water Management design plan, and develop an on-going site operation plan. Some of the requirements for this initiative included:

  • Protect surface and ground water resources
  • Avoid nuisance impacts from odors and pests
  • Reduce the time and expense now committed to green waste management
  • Produce a high-quality finished compost product to use as a topsoil additive and as an alternative to bark mulch

The compost method we introduced is called Aerate Static Pile (ASP) composting, which involves inducing airflow through the mix of materials using electric blowers. ASP composting was originally developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in the mid-1970’s and is used throughout the world to process a wide variety of municipal organic waste materials. The ASP method is ideal for composting green waste, livestock manure and food waste materials.

With aerated composting, we are able to control pile temperatures and maintain aerobic conditions throughout the compost pile. This, in turn, expedites the composting process and yields a high-quality product that is effectively free of pathogens, parasites, and weed seeds.

As of April 1st of 2015, we produced our first 200 yards of finished compost product, and today we have a consistent supply of finished product ready to use on our clients’ properties. In addition, we have 3,200 yards of product “cooking” and at various stages of maturity that will be processed on an ongoing basis.